Falcon Oilfield Limited’s Downstream division excels in the marketing, supply, and trading of crude oil and refined petroleum products. We foster strong partnerships with European manufacturers, retailers, and various stakeholders in both onshore and offshore environments, as well as in challenging swamp regions. Our product portfolio includes automotive gas oil, and specialized products for the oil and gas industries such as mechanical, electrical, and transmission components, chemicals, and advanced mooring systems.

Leveraging a global network and in-depth market insights, we ensure the strategic distribution of resources, aligning with industry demands and maximizing operational efficiency. Our commitment to reliable supply chains and innovative trading strategies positions Falcon Oilfield Limited as a leader in the energy sector, driving growth and sustainability.

Products traded include:

  1. Automotive Gas Oil (AGO, also known as Diesel)
  2. Mechanical/ Electrical/ Transmission/ Chemicals and Mooring System for Oil and Gas Industries